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The Spacecraft Agency is a multidisciplinary collaborative agency dedicated to crafting and curating art projects in outer space,

to actively engage the arts in the development of space exploration.

space art, satellite art, orbital art and creativity in space:


Our Missions:

Image of engineers assembling the TechEdSat11 spacecraft

Currently in orbit:


Orbital Group Art Project

Since July 2024

TechEdSat-11 is the host of our largest Group Art Project to date. In true 'Golden Record' style, this satellite hosts its own golden plaque featuring art contributions spanning generations and continents, each inspired by Carl Sagan's original Voyager Golden Record.

NASA logo
SpaceX logo

Currently in orbit:


Orbital Kids Art Exhibition

Since March 2024

The PY4 Space Art Mission, a collaboration between The Spacecraft Agency, NASA, Astrobotic Moonshot Museum and The Neighborhood Academy brought kid's art to outer space. This project, The Spacecraft Agency's third art-in-space mission, aimed to inspire children and showcase their artistic talents on a cosmic scale.

Image of the PACE-1 spacecraft in orbit
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Currently in orbit:


Orbital Group Art Exhibition

Since June 2021

4 International artists conceived and produced original artworks that are showcased on the outer body of the 6U NASA PACE-1 cubesat, marking the Spacecraft Agency's first curated space art exhibition in outer space.
The artworks were launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on June 30th, 2021, and are currently in low earth orbit.

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Launched, ended



For Astrobotic Peregrine 1 Moon Lander

SNWGLB - Surface Nanostudy With Gravity Levitation Benefit is a compact artwork created for the Astrobotic Peregrine 1 Lunar Lander.


Manifest Mars  - Ministry of Ideas, Illuminations Podcast with Lois Rosson

A sense of divine destiny drove Americans to expand West. A similar spirit is behind the modern quest to conquer space. 

Humanity’s First Cosmic Gallery of Children’s Art: What the Youngest Members of Our Young Species Most Cherish About Life on Earth - The Marginalian
Article about the Children's Art contribution for our upcoming Orbital Group Art Exhibition. A collaboration between S/C and Wendy MacNaughton's Draw Together.

CAPSTONE is on Capitol Hill - NASA Ames Research Center

The CAPSTONE spacecraft model, created by S/C's talented Luke Idziak, is currently on display on Capitol Hill.

The History of Astronomical Illustration: Q&A with Lois Rosson - UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix

Interview with S/C's Lois Rosson about her ongoing research on astronomical illustration.


crafting art in outer space



The PACE-2 mission got scrubbed.
However, we are preparing a gallery of artworks created for this mission.


Archive of astronautical Art

The Spacecraft Agency manages the Archive of Astronautical Art: the worlds most comprehensive repository of art in the outer space environment, providing a historic overview of all artistic artefacts and interventions that operate beyond the boundary of space.

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